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Originally Posted by solger View Post
OK. Very strange that pressing play with the mouse has the same effect.

So I'm wondering if there are perhaps any scripts running in the background that might be triggering the Action when playback is active?
For testing purposes: try if using the ReaScript: Close all running ReaScripts Action makes any difference.

Or do you perhaps have any (MIDI) Control Surface extensions installed which might be causing this?

Otherwise, I'd suggest to make a fresh portable install to a separate folder (side-by-side to your existing install) to check if the behavior is the same there:

I tried ReaScript: Close all running ReaScripts, that did not help.
Only have midi keyboard connected, I have Metagrid on Ipad, but that is not working right for some reason.

I think it has something to with SWS/S&M: Resources, but don't know what.

the fresh portable install did work.

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