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Default Newbie Questions

Hi all,

I am using Reaper with a Behringer 404hd, and soon a Impact GX49, but have some (very noob) questions I haven't been able to figure out yet:


I have written some tracks, using simulated sounds, but don't know how to get them to fade in, or crescendo etc. I add the detail to the notation score, but it doesn't do anything, and I haven't seen somewhere to add this things in (such as, pianisimo, or forte etc aswell)


I've probably missed something obvious, but is there a way to tap a beat manually and have the metronome calculate the BPM according to my own tapping?


It hasn't arrived yet, so I may be asking something that will sort itself out - but how easy is it to set up as a notation input? I can't play piano well enough to 'record', I just want a far less tedious way of inputing notes that with the mouse.

VSTs and Amp sims:

I have found a few free ones for orchestral, and have Le Pou's guitar pack (which I haven't used yet), but can anyone recommend a guide to setting up a good guitar loop (ie. effects pedals, amps etc) to get a decent range of amp simulators going, bearing in mind I am quite dim at this in real life anyway.

And also, and recommendations for virtual instruments (especially for rock/metal, jazz and orchestral) would be highly appreciated. I'd prefer free, but if they are on the cheap end I don't mind paying for some.


I can't play drums, and I don't really understand them - if anyone has any advice on a good drum VST, and also on building a drum line (or premade templates that I can adjust), once again I'd be delighted! That said, I suspect this is something I will just have to research as I go along.

Notation and scoring:

How do I export and import scores (preferably using Musescore)?
Also, when I cut and past part of the track on the main interface, it creates a ew 'midi' block, and doesn't copy to score into the same one I had written previously - is there an easy way to 'merge' them? Once again, I haven't found the option, though I suspect I've just missed something obvious.
(Incidentally, is Reaper able to make a score based on my guitar live record?)

I think that's everything, apologies for the long post and the dumb questions!

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