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I just sorta went through a sea change. I was told my iPad air mk1 was obsoleted & would not update past 12.xx, then I saw all the stuff about the ARM Macs.
My Mac Mini is still on Mavericks & because of the hardware & software that I have which won`t work past Mavericks, it is staying there till it dies or I sell it.

One of the few reasons I still sorta like Microsoft is that regardless of what the hardware manufacturers come out with, it usually works, unless the actual manufacturer has obsoleted it & wont update drivers, etc.
Kinda like Apple routinely seem to be doing. Back in the halcyon days of Woz and Steve and then just steve, I always had a begrudging respect for Apple.

UPDATE: I just got through reformatting one of my 7200rpm disks and cloning the system disk on my Mini!! Took a few goes to get my head around it, but I am now seriously thinking about sticking a SSD in there too. Maybe there IS a future for me & my Mac.
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