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Originally Posted by ivansc View Post
Darn! I have spent a day learning about Macs & now have a new hard drive ready to replace the crummy 5400rpm ones Apple supply, plus I have learned how to set up and use Timeline at last!

OK, enough. Looks like I am finally getting to grips with Mac OS X.
Ya doing good there. Me, Im OUT after this MacPro dies. Real tired of the chronic OS upgrades that kill software compatibility .

1. Cant run current Logic. Need video card and Catalina
2. Cant run iMovie.

Im DONE with Apple. Dont get sucked down that road its a money suck with ever changing connectors, OS and CPUs now since ARM is out. That will take 2 years for the dust to settle. I went through the last one from PPC to Intel. Im not doing that again to end up with the same functionality I had before the change.
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