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Originally Posted by Tiny Tortoise View Post
It's been clarified now that it's a -1dBFS limit, so no need to worry if intersample peaks goes above this as long as the digital samples themselves don't.
Ahhh I must have not spotted that. I just remember in last month's I got it to -0.1 as I thought that was the goal in general. And that was pointed out in the feedback, which I'm grateful for, as I've since learned about ISPs on compressed formats. And have a better understanding of compressors, limiting, clipping and saturation.

Even so far as to consider this clip to zero method I saw on YouTube. Since I'm ITB.

I think I've missed a few tricks in how I've used event horizon in this comp as I learned stuff since starting, but I will try it again with TDR limiter 6 on the mixchecks Empires competition. The idea is to get loud without overly compressing things and just using channel strips on everything. I'm still only a few months in and so every month is a revelation!
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