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Originally Posted by PVinKC View Post
JS Master Limiter is the best way to do it. You need a limiter and that's probably the best stock one. I use Event Horizon but never on my Master Buss.

I would encourage you to aim for a great mix first. I always have a parent channel that everything goes thru on it's way to the Master Buss. If I get a great sounding mix that's too loud, you can either select all channels band turn down all the faders at once, or turn down all the busses, or in my case (since I use a parent buss) I can just turn down the parent buss.

You should ideally hit the master buss with all it's buss effects off at around -12 to -18. Then hopefully your master buss FX aren't increasing or decreasing the volume. This is where your Limiter comes in. You use the Limiter to set a ceiling and to get the volume up to your target (in our case -14 LUFS).

The threshold will turn the volume up. There is an Art to using Limiting that starts with your mix and use of Compression. But if you want the most dynamic sounding mix, you should TRY to get to your target without the use of a limiter. Now mind you, it's tough to do.

Personally, I try to get within 2db of my target and up to 4db depending on my vision for the song. More Limiting equals less dynamics, some music likes that and some doesn't.
Thank you for the full and detailed reply!

I now remember a video from someone called Audio Hackr now explaining how to b master. I think I might have even copied his preset and used it by rote as I didn't understand limiting. It was around the same time I thought people were stupid for wanting to distort stuff (ie saturation) as 30 years ago when I last did this on tape decks, getting rid of noise and distortion was the goal 😂😂😂

Thanks again. Will slap that on along with 8 JS Saturation plugins to get it loud and I'm done 😂

I finished last last time. So I can't get much worse!! 🤔😂
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