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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post

This shows the power of the separation of Navigation and Activation -- in this case he "Sends" Zone is still activated while the "Sends" Zone itself gets Navigated to point to a new Track.
This sounds good! Sends Zone on part of a C4 c/w a SelectedTrack Navigator Activate Sends Zone, selected track's sends appear on the C4. Select a different track, that track's sends now appear on the C4.

As far as the bleed through, I think that is simply the fact that, as in the Banking case, if we want to take over the Widget we must explicitly say so.

So if we want to prevent this:

Zone Home
   RotaryPush ToggleZone TrackPanWidth
from happening when the "Sends" Zone is activated we must explicitly say so:

Zone Sends
    RotaryPush NoAction
It took me a few reads to get my head around this. I think you are describing a way to 'block' widgets that are un-assigned in the new Zone from still working as they did in the Zone that is being overlaid (aka 'bleed through'), by providing a 'null' definition for that widget in the new zone.

Any widgets that have a definition in the new zone (like SendLevel, say) are (obviously) prevented from affecting the overlaid Zone.

Sounds good to go
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