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Default nanokontrol 2 with reaper not working

My nanokontrol 2 just arrived yesterday. After installing the driver I connected it to a windows 8.1 laptop to use with reaper. I couldn't get it to work at first and when I read the instructions I found out I had to press and hold the "set marker" and "cycle" buttons when connecting. So I tried that too. I also mapped it to "mackie control universal" setting with midi inputs and outputs selected. Nothing seems to work. The only functioning inputs are the pan controls. But even they are not correctly functional, when I slightly move them they go maximum left or right.

I tried to find solutions on youtube and google. One of them was this but I couldn't do exactly what was said here. Only when I tried the "HUI(partial)" as control surface it started to slightly react but still worked wrongly. For example the solo track button on the device works to send the fader to minus infinite and the record arm button worked as 100% pan left. Except these and the pan knobs(see above) the other buttons/faders have no reaction.
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