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Originally Posted by Reason View Post
how would you do the "off" position?
I'd have to look at that more closely than I really care to right now.
Pretty sure it would need at least one more pole on the switch, but...

Edit - OK, actually I did look at it. If you intend to have the pickups in parallel with one another, you'd need a 3PDT on-off-on (if you can find it). Move the "hot output" wire to both outside lugs on the third pole (connect to one and jumper to the other) and then jumper from the upper left of what's in the diagram (where North-Start hits the switch) to the center of that third pole. This still leaves that bottom coil "hanging from ground", but like I said, that's the way most guitars turn off their pickups and not nearly as big a deal as "hanging from hot". It would have to be different again if you wanted the two pickups in series, and I think need yet another different type of switch.

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