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Default v5.984+dev1016 - October 16 2019

v5.984+dev1016 - October 16 2019
  • + Import: handle Apple Loops containing beat slice information similarly to REX files
  • + Import: handle wav files containing embedded beat slice information similarly to REX files
  • + MIDI editor: support customized left-drag marquee when outside the active media item [t=225296]
  • + REX: add option to ignore all embedded slice and tempo information
  • + ReaSurround: improve behavior when rotating inputs out of view
  • # Import: ignore bpm suggested by filename unless the file is a round number of beats
  • # MIDI editor: allow deleting/resetting velocity with a single click
  • # MIDI editor: fix hit testing for mouse modifiers to erase or reset note velocitye
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