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Originally Posted by foxAsteria View Post
And that something is VCA, correct?
Yes, that's one method which solves the problem since the VCA is turning the children down which will affect the default post-fader sends. It's main drawback is if you wanted to then put a non-linear plugin (such as a compressor) on the folder/buss - if you adjust the VCA, it will change how hard the children hit the compressor which is a different version of the same problem - if you don't place non-linear plugins on the buss/folder then it's fine.

The way around both problems is to flow sends through the parent on adjacent channels (search for Stealth Sends on the forum). It sounds more complex than it really is - it's really just sending the sends through the parent track on dedicated track channels, then from the parent track to the final destination. This allows the buss/folder fader to act on both the summed signal and the sends while keeping their respective signals separate.
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