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Originally Posted by SoundGuyDave View Post
While I will admit to still being a bit hazy on the practical difference between a buss and a folder, a VCA is absolutely an animal of a different stripe. A buss (bus?) is a summing point.
Yes. I'm aware VCA isn't doing anything to the audio directly. The reason they are brought up in the same context is that VCA was added at least partially to deal with the fact that there was no way to adjust a group of tracks' volume and also their sends proportionally.

Lots of folks, upon discovering that you can't change a bunch of tracks' volume with a folder without fucking up up the wet/dry balance of sends, would request that there be an option whereby folders could also adjust child send volume. Instead we got VCA.

VCA, busses (I prefer this spelling ) and folders all have a bit of overlap in their function, which as this tangent demonstrates, leads to much confusion.
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