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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
Because of this...whether I reduce the buss fader or the folder fader, neither affect the amount of their respective children's level going to the reverb = doesn't retain FX proportions.

All I'm saying is that something else has to be done other than just choosing buss over folder to fix that problem.
And that something is VCA, correct? I know that those both don't affect the send levels while VCA does, but I was just saying that Folders faders do affect the receive (child) levels, while buss faders don't.

So the W/D proportions are out of whack when you use the folder fader but not so much when you use the buss fader. I'm speaking strictly of parallel busses here, which I might've mentioned, because that's the only way I use them.

I guess I don't care about the ratio of the buss to the send because I hear it more against the individual sending tracks. I wouldn't want a buss to affect send levels anyway.

Or am I still too ritarded to get what you mean?
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