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Originally Posted by foxAsteria View Post

I used to really used to like folders for bussing until I realized I was fucking up my mixes whenever I touched their faders (only took 5 years to realize).
Below I have 1 reverb track that is not inside of any folder or to any buss other than that master track. I have a Buss setup with a child sending to it. I also have a Folder setup with a child sending to it. Each child has it's own send to the reverb track, which bypasses folders and busses altogether.

Because of this, you can see in the licecap below that whether I reduce the buss fader or the folder fader, neither affect the amount of their respective children's level going to the reverb = doesn't retain FX proportions.

All I'm saying is that something else has to be done other than just choosing buss over folder to fix that problem.

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