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Originally Posted by kirk1701 View Post
Okay let's use drums as an example. You've got kik, snr, toms, hat, crash and ride.

1. Line those up in whatever order you like. Remove all sends from those tracks.

2. Add a new track above those tracks. Make it a folder.

3. Drag the sends from all the child tracks into the parent track. Open the i/o of the parent track to make sure all the children are there.

That's all there is to it. You've now made the folder a Schrodinger's cat buss. It's both a folder and a buss at the same time.

Try it out. It'll change your life.
So my friend, you first create a parent folder track with the 5 drum child tracks.

Then you assign a send from the child tracks to the parent track.

So then are you leaving the "Parent" checked on each of the child tracks too?

Originally Posted by foxAsteria View Post
I used to really used to like folders for bussing until I realized I was fucking up my mixes whenever I touched their faders (only took 5 years to realize).

Sorry guys, I'm a ritard.
Yeah, I figured that out shortly after I started using Reaper so maybe we're both ritards.
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