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Originally Posted by foxAsteria View Post
Not necessarily, but you have to be careful using folders as busses. If your child tracks have post-fader fx sends, using the fader on the parent track changes the wet/dry balance, since it only affects the child level and not the sends level.

It should be the same thing as long as you don't try to do any processing or level adjustments on the parent folders (using them purely for organization).
I didn't follow this originally, but I understand now.

I use folders as busses, but I always deactivate master send from all child tracks and setup new sends to the parent folder/buss, which I re-name. The parent folder/buss then dumps to a subgroup in the mixer. I do process on the parent folder/buss even if it's simply Britson Buss. Usually, I won't compress child tracks individually, I'll place the compressor on the parent folder/buss.

I did send these to the rear buss where available. Rhythm guitars, lead guitars, lead vox, and BGVs usually have parent folder/busses. Bass and keys are usually solo tracks, so they're going on their own. I don't recall precisely what I did this time around, but I'm liking the effect, so whatevs.

Came across this thread where A. Scheps himself describes the technique. He's saying all sends are post-fader at 0. I did the same thing in Reaper. My sends all default to minus infinity (Kenny Gioia-style), so I can blend the send to taste. But a double-click resets the send to 0.

A dual or multi mono compressor is key here. I wanted to use V-Comp, but I can't unlink it. I don't know if the Lindell 254e is able to unlink channels, but the 354e being m/s should. I don't know if I want the multi-band thing, at least not in a vintage-style rock 'n roll mix.
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