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Originally Posted by kirk1701 View Post
I experimented with a few comps: V-Comp, CLA-76, 10db, PSP Busspressor, pretty much all the compressors/limiter plugins I have.

The CLA-76 made the best sound for me. As per Tod's template, Reaper master buss only receives from an empty sub-buss. I sent the rear buss out to it.

The effect was a bump in intelligibility in everything. It also adds a bit of dynamic movement, which is always welcome. The mix breathes better. I don't mean in the pumping sense. You feel the rise and fall of the piece so much better. I probably mis-characterized the effect as "smashing." The compressor's just being run over a road full of potholes.
I believe the CLA 76 detector sums the input, so if you want a more authentic Scheps rear bus technique then you might try having separate left and right busses to give you stereo compression.
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