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He's actually using UAD 1176 Anniversary edition plugin for this, 2:1 ratio, multi-mono, he said that it was the last thing that he struggled to find to replace what he did on the console cause all other 1176 to him didn't sound right, except this particular version. What's strange is that he NEVER looks at the meters, how much gain reduction he is getting, so on some mixes, the needle isn't moving AT ALL (and not just for the Rear buss, for a lot of other compressors, too). I just met Andrew a week ago and it was amazing seeing him work and explain a lot of these things, and he's very very stress-free, just uses his ears, and uses what sounds good to him.

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Yea, not so cool making us google things ourselves OP... Apparently it's a parallel buss with an 1176LN that gets everything but the drums:

Why the hell is it called that? Who knows. Guess I have to try it to see what it's all about.
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