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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
I wish I had my C4 back as well as the C1, it simply mapped better for those jobs
eBay is your friend I bought my MCU new, but everything else has come from there.

I can't believe they stopped making the C4. 32 Rotaries, each with pushes and a two line display is pretty much the optimal controller format for anything that isn't 'channel' orientated.

Actually I can believe they stopped making it, making the physical unit is one thing, expecting DAW manufacturers to provide software support for it is quite another- you end up being reliant on other companies to render your product useful.

Thank heavens the MCU protocol 'stuck', although now you have hardware/software companies like Presonus making controllers that operate in a 'Native' mode with their own DAW and using the MCU protocol as a fall back compatibility mode to make it somewhat useful to users of other DAWS, which is fair enough, I suppose. It's their ball.

Certainly better than Avid's approach, where it's completely proprietary, very expensive and obsoleted at a point of their choosing, in the hope you'll shell out 50K for another go on the merry-go-round
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