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Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
This is fine Once you know this is how it works, you'll adjust accordingly. I'd just bank the track under scrutiny onto the MCU, then Alt+Select it.

Or more likely use the C4 for all these kind of things It certainly reinforces the case for having a C4/Console1 type controller in your setup.
It sure does, I used to have a C4 now I have a Console1, wish I could add a C4 as well, the C1 is killer for "the usual suspects" -- front end gain/saturation - transient shaping -- EQ -- Compression -- back end gain/saturation, but for Verbs, complex EQ's like the UAD Massive Passive, and other more esoteric processing, I wish I had my C4 back as well as the C1, it simply mapped better for those jobs
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