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Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
I think there may be a dependancy in the code here that I don't quite understand.

I'd imagined () that when you'd Splayed Sends or FX Parameters across the MCU Rotaries, that the rest of the MCU and the 2XTs would continue to bank and function normally.

The MCU Rotaries would stay fixed on the Alt+Selected track's sends/FX until: i) The sub-zone was exited or ii) Another track was Alt+Selected.
Yes, that's exactly how I envision it

Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
It's not a big deal if the sub-zone exits when the track is banked off the surface. I was expecting behaviour more akin to the way the C4 stays fixed on a focussed FX when the MCU/XT/XT is banked around, only changing when the FX focus changes.
That's the tricky bit.

The C4 is "dedicated" the XT/MCU rotaries are "taken over".

Let's assume you have an XT and an MCU side by side.

You Alt+Select a Track on the XT -- the XT rotaries are now Send levels.

Ok so you have a selected Track -- that means one of the 8 XT select buttons is lit up.

Now you bank so that the selected Track is now on the MCU.

The lit, selected Track is now on the MCU, but the rotaries that control the Sends are still on the XT.

If you press Alt+Select for the selected Track the rotaries on the XT will be restored to initial Zone.

If you press Alt+Select again, this time the MCU rotaries will be taken over, since the selected Track is now on the MCU.

Not consistent

I wish I could think of a way to make it more C4-ish, but I can't.

Any ideas better than exiting the Zone upon selected track leaving surface, let me know, we'll use them
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