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Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
This is looking great!

Could I suggest that we have a master 'Home' button, that returns the user to the first/initial zone on the Page, so we don't have to dig our way back out of the rabbit hole we've disappeared down
Sure, already there, just assign a button on the initial Zone that never gets taken over by any other Zone:

ButtonThatNeverGetsTakenOver Zone InitialZoneName

This sets the active Zone to the initial Zone -- aka Home.

This would also clear any and all Zone takeovers -- aka Home.

Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
Question. If I Alt+Select a Channel to Splay all its Sends across the Rotaries, am I still free to bank across the Tracks as usual? (with the 8 rotaries fixed on the Sends of the Alt+Selected Channel)

Obviously the 8 rotaries won't be controlling channel pan, but are all the other channel controls still operating as in the initial zone? (fader, mute, solo etc)
Interesting question... I think if the selected Channel is on this surface, things can stay the same, the same Track is selected it has just changed positions on the surface.

Things get interesting if banking causes the selected Track to exit this surface.

We might try to get fancy and transfer the Sends mapping to the surface that just acquired the selected Track, but what if that surface only has 4 Channels, or 1 Channel.

For a first cut I'd say if the selected Track leaves the surface due to banking, it's like hitting the Back button on the Sends Zone, the surface goes to the Initial Zone -- aka Home.

Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
If I bank across to another track and Alt+Select it, do I immediately replace the Sends from the first Alt+Selection with those of the second?

Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
Just trying to get a feel for the boundaries.
Me too !!
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