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Originally Posted by andyp24 View Post
You may be right, but am I the only one here who's lost all understanding of what it is?? ��
Originally Posted by poetnprophet View Post
Nope, I've been staring at Geoff's last post and the code for almost an hour and still don't quite grasp the new format. But, it was the same many months ago when i first started with CSI, and at some point it all clicked. waiting for another click....
It doesn't help that I'm editing that post every hour or so

Let's go through it.

The first Zone named Entree is just what the old .axt file was, except the Channel definition has altered slightly.

Channel is now the Zone with no name at the the end of the Entree Zone.

There is new shorthand -- e.g. Mute1-8 -- to make is easier to describe repetitive things. Instead of saying:


you can say Mute1-8, much more compact but still (hopefully) understandable.

The line:

Alt+Select1-8 GoZone TrackSplaySends

says that when you press Alt+Select5 you activate the Zone named TrackSplaySends for the Track currently on Channel 5.

This causes Widget takeover.

The Widgets that are taken over are listed in the Zone.

Here is the Zone definition:
Zone TrackSplaySends
	Navigator TrackSplaySends
	Shift+RotaryPush1 GoBack
	Rotary1-8 TrackSendVolume
	RotaryPush1-8 TrackSendMute
        Alt+RotaryPush1-8 GoZone TrackSendParams
So the first 8 Sends (or less) have now taken over the 8 Rotaries and RotaryPushes.

The Rotaries now control TrackSendVolume and the RotaryPushes now control TrackSendMute.

Alt+RotaryPush1-8 have also been taken over.

If you press Alt+RotaryPush1 you activate the Zone named TrackSendParams for the Track currently on Channel 1.

We have once again taken over some Widgets, but not all 8 this time.

The rule is -- any unused ones will be blanked:
Zone TrackSendParams
        Shift+RotaryPush1 GoBack
        Rotary1 TrackSendVolume
        Rotary2 TrackSendPan
        RotaryPush1 TrackSendPrePost
        RotaryPush2 TrackSendStereoMono
        RotaryPush3 TrackSendPhaseInvert
        RotaryPush4 TrackSendMute
So here Rotaries 3-8 are unused and will be blanked.

Same for RotaryPushes 5-8.

This whole thing is about the implementation of the matrix idea from a while back, which has now morphed into general navigation, it's all about Banking, Slot/DrillDown, etc. navigation.

In this example we used the general convention that Alt+SomeButton drills down and Shift+SomeButton means go back.

The final new concept is Navigator.

A Navigator allows you to move around your Zone.

For Instance, the Track Navigator in Page is the same old Bank Left/Right that we all know and love.

In the un-named Zone that holds the Channel Widgets we state the we want to follow Page's Track Navigation:

InheritNavigator Track Page // Inherit Track Navigation from Page

In the TrackSplaySends Zone we have:

Navigator TrackSplaySends

which knows how to splay Track Sends onto the Widgets in the Zone.

Still clear as mud ?

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