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By Jove, I think we’ve got it !!

There is always an initial Zone, it is simply the first one in the .axt file.

The Initial Zone loads when the enclosing Page loads.

Other Zones can activate/deactivate thereby, taking over / relinquishing control of, Widgets.

Navigators represent how to get around in a Zone.

Navigators can be local or inherited from another enclosing Zone.

The Zone name “Page” is reserved for the Page enclosing the initial Zone.

Navigators can inherit from Page — e.g. Each surface’s Track Navigation Zone inherits Track Navigation from Page.

OK, let’s give it a shot, here’s a shot at the new MCU.axt:

Zone Entree
        ChannelLeft TrackBank -1
	ChannelRight TrackBank 1
	BankLeft TrackBank -8
	BankRight TrackBank 8
	TimeDisplay TimeDisplay
	Rewind Rewind
	FastForward FastForward
	Stop Stop
	Play Play
	Record Record
	F1 NextPage
	F7 PinSelectedTracks
	F8 UnpinSelectedTracks
	Read Reaper 40401
	Write Reaper 40403
	Trim Reaper 40400
	Touch Reaper 40402
	Latch Reaper 40404
	Group Reaper 42023
	Shift+Read Reaper 40086
	Shift+Write Reaper 40090
	Shift+Trim Reaper 40088
	Shift+Touch Reaper 40087
	Shift+Latch Reaper 40266
	Shift+Group Reaper 42024
	Save Reaper 40026
	Shift+Save Reaper 40022
	Undo Reaper 40029
	Shift+Undo Reaper 40030
	Marker Reaper 40172
	Shift+Marker Reaper 40157
	Option+Marker Reaper 40174
	Nudge Reaper 40173
	Cycle CycleTimeline
	Click Reaper 40364

	MasterFader MasterTrackVolume

		InheritNavigator Track Page // Inherit Track Navigation from Page
		VUMeter1-8 TrackOutputMeter 0 // New notation — you can state a range here, every “1-8” in the following lines is replaced by 1, 2,3 4, etc. 
		DisplayUpper1-8  TrackNameDisplay
		DisplayLower1-8  TrackTouchControlled TrackPanDisplay TrackVolumeDisplay
		Fader1-8  TrackVolume
		FaderTouch1-8  TrackTouch
		Rotary1-8  TrackCycle RotaryPush1-8  "TrackPan 0" "TrackPanWidth 1"
		Select1-8  TrackUniqueSelect
		Shift+Select1-8  TrackRangeSelect
		Control+Select1-8 TrackSelect
		Alt+Select1-8 GoZone TrackSplaySends // Activate the Zone named TrackSplaySends
		RecordArm1-8  TrackRecordArm
		Mute1-8 TrackMute
		Solo1-8  TrackSolo

Zone TrackSplaySends
	Navigator SplaySends  // Local Navigator — Splays Sends on Widgets named below
	Shift+RotaryPush1 GoBack // back -- to initial Page in this case
	Rotary1-8 TrackSendVolume
	RotaryPush1-8 TrackSendMute
        Alt+RotaryPush1-8 GoZone TrackSendParams

Zone TrackSendParams
        Shift+RotaryPush1 GoBack
        Rotary1 TrackSendVolume
        Rotary2 TrackSendPan
        RotaryPush1 TrackSendPrePost
        RotaryPush2 TrackSendStereoMono
        RotaryPush3 TrackSendPhaseInvert
        RotaryPush4 TrackSendMute
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