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Playing around with DrillDown notation, the Zone below will be used as a sub Zone, hence the Back action assignment to Shift+RotaryPush1:

WidgetZone TrackSendParams
Shift+RotaryPush1 GoBack
Rotary1 TrackSendVolume
Rotary2 TrackSendPan
RotaryPush1 TrackSendPrePost
RotaryPush2 TrackSendStereoMono
RotaryPush3 TrackSendPhaseInvert
Now we can add a way to get to the sub Zone from any Send context a la:

WidgetZone TrackSplaySends
Rotary1 TrackSendVolume
Rotary2 TrackSendVolume
Rotary3 TrackSendVolume
Rotary4 TrackSendVolume
Rotary5 TrackSendVolume
Rotary6 TrackSendVolume
Rotary7 TrackSendVolume
Rotary8 TrackSendVolume
RotaryPush1 TrackSendMute
RotaryPush2 TrackSendMute
RotaryPush3 TrackSendMute
RotaryPush4 TrackSendMute
RotaryPush5 TrackSendMute
RotaryPush6 TrackSendMute
RotaryPush7 TrackSendMute
RotaryPush8 TrackSendMute
Shift+RotaryPush1 WidgetZone TrackSendParams
Shift+RotaryPush2 WidgetZone TrackSendParams
Shift+RotaryPush3 WidgetZone TrackSendParams
Shift+RotaryPush4 WidgetZone TrackSendParams
Shift+RotaryPush5 WidgetZone TrackSendParams
Shift+RotaryPush6 WidgetZone TrackSendParams
Shift+RotaryPush7 WidgetZone TrackSendParams
Shift+RotaryPush8 WidgetZone TrackSendParams

This is a surely contrived example, but I think it shows the concept, what do you think ?
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