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Originally Posted by jamesd256 View Post
Mostly I'll try to set up both BCF and BCR, because I'm highly motivated to have them working in tandem.
Yes, I appreciate that, but if you're trying to troubleshoot an issue you need to remove as many potential causes as you can to get to the problem.

Controlling the same things is not an issue. The MCU fxt folder is empty. There may be some hex value overlap between the two, but they are different surfaces on different ports. I can't see this being the issue, especially since it's intermittent.
The fact that there may be some hex overlap isn't the point. The point is that the MCU.axt and the BCR2000mk2.axt will be trying to control the same parameters. It may not be the cause of the problem but it won't hurt to remove it as a possible cause.
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