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Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
I see. Does the issue occur if you use the BCR2000 on its own, without the BCF in the setup at all?

If you use them both together I suspect they will both be trying to control identical things- faders, pans etc. This shouldn't be a problem, but you never know.

If you just want to use the BCR2000 to just control FX, delete everything in BCR2000mk2.axt except the last line- TrackOnFocusedFX MapSingleFXToWidgetsForTrack. Then all the widgets will be available for FX control and nothing else will be controlled.

Did you manage to update the BCR2000 firmware to 1.10?

I've added BCR2000mk2.bcr to the download. I went with sysex because I thought it would be more 'universal' but if you're using BCManager (and you should be ) the file's there now.

Did you get a chance to test my BCF2000 setup? Can't do that here as I don't have a BCF2000.
Mostly I'll try to set up both BCF and BCR, because I'm highly motivated to have them working in tandem.

Controlling the same things is not an issue. The MCU fxt folder is empty. There may be some hex value overlap between the two, but they are different surfaces on different ports. I can't see this being the issue, especially since it's intermittent.

I'm working on mappings that work for me, and yes the BCR will be mostly for fx. However the issue has been 100% around fx control actually. For instance in MK2 the fader assignment was working at the same time as fx was broken.

I will try that line, thanks. I didn't try the BCF yet, as mentioned MCU is working great, but will happily try it to help yourself and others who might want to go down that route.

I'll try again with mk2 and the .bcr, thanks. I updated to 1.10 a while back. I don't expect you to memorise all my posts, and do appreciate your efforts to help.
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