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Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post

Once you get the idea, you can edit the axt/fxt files to change what the buttons and encoders control and bend the setup to suit your own way of working.
Thanks for that detailed run through. Just to be clear, from you first BCR config through to now, I've never had any trouble getting this set up and working. I am also now very familiar with the contents of all the files by now

What I've been trying to communicate is that AFTER getting this set up and working the problems start. Especially when using BCR in conjunction with BCF in MCU mode.

Once it is all working, I have found that for no apparent reason, the FX will stop responding to the BCR. It's not a mapping or set up issue, as it worked just before.
Starting again from scratch with new install of CSI, BCR and new project so far is the only way I can guarantee getting it all working again.

This makes it frustrating and slow to develop mappings and scripts around CSI as I routinely find it stops working.

What would be really great is a way for me to help debug this, because I'm running blind. I don't know whether extension development easily permits writing to a log, but that would be ideal, and we could use a CSI.ini param to set the log level.
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