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Originally Posted by jamesd256 View Post
Regarding Klinke style folder navigation, it occurred to me since we're following the Mixer view in this case, drill down and level back up can be implemented via ReaScript actions which are not dependent on CSI at all.

If it's going to work via long press, I need to check how Hold+ behaves, because it will need to select the track, which I am guessing it doesn't do by default.

Otherwise doing it this way it will have to be a two stage operation ; select the track, invoke the drill down function.

(I've got really used to Klinke's folder mode, so it's an interesting one for me)
I think something like this in an .axt should work:

SomeButton TrackUniqueSelect
Hold+SomeButton InvokeDrilldownAction

If you just press, track is selected.
If you hold for a second the track is selected and the InvokeDrilldownAction happens
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