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Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post

I just uploaded a setup and mapping for the BCF2000. If you could test it for me with CSI, that'd be great (I don't have a BCF2000 of my own)

Here's the link :

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Cool, thanks for this!

I will happily try the BCF setup you've provided, however, I am pretty happy with the MCU set up.

I tried out your BCR Mk2. Tried to dump the syx via BC Man, no errors reported, but the lights are off on all the presets. Any reason you went with syx only and no .bcr?

Setting it up in Reaper, as expected no dice, since I believe no lights = no data out.

Edit: after trying again, I believe I got the syx into the BCR correctly. RotaryCs now control track volume, but the perpetual issue of logging visible and no effect on the FX params for focused FX. I still don't know if I'm the only one having this issue. If someone could just confirm, that if I'm seeing logging of CCs that are mapped to FX params correctly, but they are not doing anything to the FX, there is something wrong with CSI and not my setup? Bear in mind I've seen it working intermittently so it's not the mappings.

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