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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
I don't think we need ActionTemplates, because Actions occur only within WidgetZones.

Maybe something like this is better:

WidgetZone	Channel1
VUMeter1	TrackOutputMeter 0
DisplayUpper1	TrackNameDisplay
DisplayLower1 	TrackTouchControlled TrackPanDisplay TrackVolumeDisplay
Fader1 		TrackVolume
FaderTouch1 	TrackTouch
Rotary1 	TrackCycle RotaryPush1 "TrackPan 0" "TrackPanWidth 1"
Select1 	TrackUniqueSelect
Shift+Select1 	TrackRangeSelect
Control+Select1 TrackSelect
RecordArm1 	TrackRecordArm
Mute1 		TrackMute
Solo1 		TrackSolo
This is easier to understand because it's put the widget back next to the action assigned to it in a channel chunk context, rather than saying 'the action is TrackVolume and faders 1-8 are mapped to it, the action is TrackMute and mute buttons 1-8 are mapped to it etc.

Even if we weren't describing a channel type arrangement, i'd still feel happier having each individual widget next to its assigned action.
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