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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
Whether it's a Send, FX, or whatever, it just the process of overlaying a Zone on top of the initial config temporarily.

So, when a Navigator becomes active, it overlays it's zone, simple as that.
This sounds much better!

Does this mean that when a navigator becomes active it automatically 'knocks out' the widgets in the initial config to make room for the widgets in the Zone it's calling?.

So, when the 'all sends for one track' zone is called, the 8 rotary pan controls (and pushes) are 'knocked out' of the initial config and replaced by the (up to) 8 sends for the selected track, without there having to have been any pre-planning in the initial config for this to happen?

The controls that aren't 'knocked out' of the initial config (faders, mutes, solos etc) will they continue to behave as normal?

This really isn't that big a deal and I can definitely see someone suggesting that when the 'all sends for one track' zone is called, the channel layout should be the same as the current sends page ie SendVolume on the fader, SendMute on the mute, SendPan on the pan, except that now it's Sends 1-8 across the 8 faders instead of one send across 8 separate tracks.

Regarding the 'all sends for one track' zone, conceptually this is closer to overlaying FX parameters on the 8 rotaries than it is to the existing Sends Page.

I think if you had only 4 rotaries and 8 sends, say, then the rotaries would initially display Sends 1-4 and could then be Y-Stepped to access Sends 5-8.

I you really wanted to go to town on it, you could Z-Drill on either (4 or 8 rotaries) to access SendPan (although this would be unnesessary if you are using all the channel widgets as opposed to just the rotaries)
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