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Originally Posted by Freex View Post
On the FX side, working back from the plugin names where does the path diverge depending on surface. Maybe there some way to keep the everything the same for plugins providing the convention has been a dressed somewhere else. (I don't speak progammer talk so please for give my ignorance)
Ok so in "pseudo map speak"

FXMap -- file is named
Fader1 Threshold
Fader2 Gain
Fader6 Meter

FXMap -- file is named
Fader3 LoFreq
Fader4 MidFreq
Fader5 HiFreq

Surface map named "MCU1"
Fader1 Fader14Bit e0 7f 7f
Fader2 Fader14Bit e1 7f 7f
Fader3 Fader14Bit e2 7f 7f
Fader4 Fader14Bit e3 7f 7f
Fader5 Fader14Bit e4 7f 7f
Fader6 Fader14Bit e5 7f 7f
Fader7 Fader14Bit e6 7f 7f
Fader8 Fader14Bit e7 7f 7f

// filename list

The FX filename list tells the surface map to include those FX map definitions, as long as we obey the naming conventions -- FX files MUST use widget names that exist in the surface map, we're good to go.

Also notice how simple the maps become.
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