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Originally Posted by fundorin View Post
I still don't get it. You're saying that the surface name is used for widgets in plugmaps? Ok. You have MCU and your devices are named as MCU1 and MCU2 in your plugmaps. Now, you're sharing them to me, who has SL and it's named as SLMK2. Does this mean that I should edit all the lines in your plugmaps, changing them from MCU1 to SLMK2? What about MCU2 lines? I should edit them too? If it's true, what's the point of sharing plugmaps? I'd make my own mappings faster than editing and testing someone else's map, though, creating plugmaps for all plugins by yourself will take a huge amount of time from every single user, instead of cooperative work.

IMO, widgets should simply be named as Widget1 - Widget 9999 (like action numbers in Reaper and FX_PARAM_1 in OSC).
Now, when initially creating the main script for their controllers, users will assign those widgets to their liking, specifying the type of the controller and it's possibilities.

Then, we'll eventually come up with some sort of guideline for plugmaps, where, for example, Widget 1 for every EQ plugin should always be LF, Widget 2 LMF, Widget 3 - MF and so on.
For Synth plugins, Widget 1 - filter cutoff, Widget 2 - modulation. There should be around 8-16 common parameters for each type of plugins, which will be always defined the same in each plugmap.

So, the main script entries, related to the plugmaps will look like (pseudocode):
in fx_mode (
  Encoder1 = Widget1, type(enc,L64+,R1+,relative,range=0.5)
  Encoder2 = Widget2, type(enc,L(65,127),R(1,63),relative,range=1)
  Encoder3 = Widget3, type(enc,L64+,R1+,absolute,accel=2)
  Pot1 = Widget9, type(pot,absolute,range=1)
  Pot7 = Widget5, type(pot,range=(2-126),invert)
  Pot8 = Widget16, type(pot,softpickup,range=(65-127))
  Pot8 = Widget17, type(pot,softpickup,range=(64-0))

  else if shift_is_pressed (
    Encoder1 = Widget17, type(enc, blabla)
    Pot8 = = Widget32, type(pot, blabla)
note how Pot8 is mapped for two different widgets

Widget1 = Param1, long = "Soundgoodizer", short = "Good", dispvalue = "Hz", step = 5
Widget2 = Param6, long = "Wet/Dry", short = "Wet/Dry", dispvalue = "%"
Widget32 = Param2, long = "UseLESS", short = "uLESS", dispvalue = "dummies", step = 0
P.S. You said: "Yes, we are not naming by function, we are simply using the name printed on the surface so that everyone uses the same names for the widgets."
Mine doesn't have any "Mute" buttons, BTW. No names at all, apart from a couple of transport icons.
So, I think that no controller dependent things should be mentioned in plugmaps.
Unless you don't want plugmaps to be universal for any device.
Your naming convention A1,A2... would also work well on my Mackie C4, RowA-D knob1-8 and the BCR2000.

Geoff, I would not turn down a starter pack... just to get me into the swing.

On the FX side, working back from the plugin names where does the path diverge depending on surface. Maybe there some way to keep the everything the same for plugins providing the convention has been a dressed somewhere else. (I don't speak progammer talk so please for give my ignorance)

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