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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
@thunderboom - I must commend you on your high attention to detail when listening. FWIW which may not be much, the high majority of my mixing philosophy is based on the concept of finding new stuff each time you listen. So, again thank you so much for that, made my day.

I need to make my list soon, I got started but pulled way with other things, maybe tomorrow as I have rehearsal tonight.
Well, I think there is some good in every mix, and yours was no exception. It was really weird, though, how different everything sounded via each session than the submitted mp3s, which is why I held off on responding. Seeing the actual work, and trying to determine why someone made a choice is easier that way.

I've always taken the same approach as I do to being a session bassist - serve the song, and you'll never be wrong. And it's rare that an artist will hand me a mix and say "do whatever you want - totally your call!" By the time we get to mixing, our relationship should be such that we both share the same idea of the end product; we just might have different ideas of the path to get there.

And you're right about the philosophy idea. I listened intently to both the studio and live versions of the song provided, and immediately heard Franz Ferdinand and The Killers, mashed in with some Nile Rogers "Chic" stuff. So that's how I made my decisions. Had I more time, I would have gone through several passes, allowed days between, rinse lather repeat, you know? But a contest isn't reality. And the best part for me was getting to us all of these stock and JS plugins that I've rarely used because I've never spent anytime to learn them.
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