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DaveKheel, can you put back the final score ? The link to the image is broken. Thx.

So, here are my quick comments :

zacki: clean and balanced. The wonderful idea here was the echo on "better". I'm less fond of the "apaaaaaart".

BJORG: the guitars sound aggressive and the drums and bass a bit muddy. Otherwise, dynamic track.

karbomusic: clean and balanced, except for the kick which is boxy.

EpicSounds: very dynamic track, very professionally processed. The bass sounds great. I was not fond of the reverb on the voice at first, but it grows on me. Drums a bit muddy though (or is it my room ?). Overall very good mix.

Tod: very clear mix. Interesting effects on the voice. I like it. But why cut the sound way before the end of the song ? I think this has cost you a lot (if not all) of your points.

lolilol1975: Drums and bass are severely underpowered. :/ Like everybody else, I noticed how groovy the bassist was in this song, but I failed to give him/her the space he/she deserved. Questionable decision on the voice and how did I send a mix where the voice covers everything else like that ?

James HE: Slightly overdone drums. Otherwise a good mix, with nice guitars.

soundguy84: excellent mix, clear and dynamic. This sounds Just Right to my ears. You managed to make the song interesting until the end. The bass is great, the drums and the guitars cut through. My favorite mix.

germano: I was confused as to why the voice is suddenly twice as loud. I think what you wanted to do was bitcrushing effect at the beginning. But here, it doesn't work for me. Else the balance is way too bright for me. Can someone confirm this ?

InSub: balanced mix but too much reverb in my opinion. Drums sound a bit similar to mine.

martinmadero: Clean, balanced and dynamic. What else to say ? I like this mix.

Otto Tune: balanced mix, but a bit boxy, and I feel it lacks a bit of something special that makes it stand out. Or maybe my ears are tired at this point.

JH4094: sounds a bit darker than the other mixes, which isn't bad. I like that bass.

richie43: balanced mix, with the right amount of reverb on the voice. However I feel the bass is a bit on its own here, the mix is very clean but lacks a bit of cohesion/glue.

VinodXAgent: This one is a radical take on the song. Actually, it's almost another song, so not sure if it fits the rules of the contest but I think submissions like this should be allowed. Some great ideas, like the gating on the bass or the adding of lyrics at 2:16:00 and 2:38:00. Some ideas that I like less like what's going at 1:30:00 or the concluding guitar. But overall, this one is hands down the most interesting submission artistically speaking. Also, lots of interesting JSFX used here.

Overall, I thought that the musicians were good in this song, the lyrics weren't that interesting but the singer was good enough. This allowed for an interesting song to mix.

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