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Originally Posted by James HE View Post
#2 feels like I'm listening to this being played back through a guitar amp. there might be some monitoring issues to address here. There mix does have focus though, will give it that.
If I ruffled a few feathers - sorry #notsorry
I'm not ruffled in the least. Now, if you'd just said, "Dude, your mix sucks." And, no other specific, then I'd be offended. I think I made a really stupid mistake while trying to do something different with "mastering" prior to my submission which I did not do last month, and I suffered for it in votes, for sure.

I kind of rushed this one out too, due to the upcoming holiday weekend. And, I was getting ready to start mixing for the contest on Indaba (my first experience there) which had a deadline shortly after this one. Although, I don't think the overall mix would have been much better, just that some of the stupid mistakes may have been caught if I had spent, even just a little, more time before submitting.

And, yes, ultimately I do have a problem with my monitoring environment. I'm using headphones only to mix, as that's my current situation at the moment. And, I haven't done my due diligence in properly acquainting myself with the headphones I'm mixing on. But, I'm getting more familiar with them as we go.

I'd appreciate if anyone else has time to offer some criticism for my mix. You don't have to bother mentioning anything you like about it. Even the number-one thing that sticks out to you immediately is very helpful feedback. Unfortunately, I'm concerned that much useful mixing feedback can come through after that horrible mastering I did. If anyone is willing, and has time, to review my mix from my project file while disabling the FX on the "Pseudo Master" track, rather than from the submitted MP3, I'd greatly appreciate it!


Originally Posted by zacki View Post
Maybe some words about my equipment: I think my monitors are helping me a lot. Iím using two ADAM A7X and a Wavemaster MX3+ 2.1 System. Yes, the A7X are not cheap - but the MX3 System was. The important thing to me is: I know them! (at least I think so) Iím listening to some chillout tunes with my MX3 as Iím typing this. Theyíre sounding so pleasant to my ears and costed only 80Ä. Over time I got to know them both. That makes a decision easier with your sound-notion while comparing to pro mixed songs. Also important: my room is not treated acoustically in any way. Thatís on the ToDo listÖ
This here goes to show that familiarity with the monitors and the room can go a long way.

Originally Posted by James HE View Post
For me, the first thing when opening the project was "What the ^&*( am I going to do with all these guitar tracks!"
And then the drums - honestly at this point I had a really hard time getting them to fit right. So not really into my drum sound. A consequence of really focusing on them last - not my usual way of working, but wanted to find my roadmap first. The whole time I just wanted to fire up AD and replace that kick and snare, but oh well.
This is pretty much exactly what I thought initially when first examining the available guitar tracks. Although, when I got to mixing I didn't seem to have too much trouble with them.

For me, the drums had me all flustered. No matter what I did, I just did not seem to have the skill or experience to get the drums to sound like I wanted them to. I'm really interested in looking into how a lot of you all did your drums on this one. Definitely, were there no restrictions I would have used drum replacement. But, I didn't think doing so fit the nature of this endeavor.

Finally, as Lawrence said. I had a lot of trouble nailing a really annoying resonance, or whatever, character in the lead vocal. It's like I wanted to take out a lot of 3 & 5 kHz to make it less abrasive, but doing so killed the intelligibility of the lyrics.

I hope that most of you will still follow this thread for some time, because it may be quite a while before I have time to review the various RPPs and formulate my questions for you all.

I'm not certain if I'll have much time for the December contest due to Christmas and work. I will be following and downloading for sure, submission or no!
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