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Originally Posted by James HE View Post
listening again I think your guitars are fine actually - but I'm thinking since your kick takes up so much sonic space, you just weren't able to get the levels up without hitting that -14 range. my mix and Tod's mix for example (the tracks above and below) feel louder to me than yours, since there is more (relative) energy in the mids.
This has been great actually because I stressed quite a bit about the low end being loud while mixing and lost some objectivity because I haven't mixed much in this room. Just hearing you bring it up answers concerns I had before posting so again, thank you.

Listening back earlier today, I would immediately reduce that, so much so it pisses me off a little. I'm going back through some of my SWS snapshots to see how long it was that way because I swore I had fixed it and if it snuck back in. I need to find root cause when I can... room/ears/burned out whatever, I shouldn't have let that through.

On dealing with all those guitars, I did actually mute some stuff, especially since some were just SIM versions of the DI IIRC. AKA I felt the same way you did, wtf with all these guitars. I still have to say thanks to everyone, hearing all these different versions of something I mixed is outstanding, really gives perspective we just can't get any other way.
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