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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
Actually thank you for that confirmation, I recently moved and am experiencing some bass issues in my room. I kept reducing the kick and somehow it snuck back up before final render.

On the guitars, I'm still fine with those. Hmm, I did pull the distorted guitars back some so that's plausible too - too mushy for my tastes at the time - I don't really mean too distorted as I do too mushy.

I'll make my list later when I'm home.
listening again I think your guitars are fine actually - but I'm thinking since your kick takes up so much sonic space, you just weren't able to get the levels up without hitting that -14 range. my mix and Tod's mix for example (the tracks above and below) feel louder to me than yours, since there is more (relative) energy in the mids.

#9 suffers the same thing (didn't mention it in my notes) Kick too loud (plus the mix is really scooped in the lower mids) so at -14db it seems to lack a bit of... forwardness. Seems far back.
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