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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
Your post got me to measuring. I'm not good with knowing how to limit to that spec but if my guess testing is correct, I 1000% agree with you.

I'd probably be concerned about continuing if I had to crush/destroy the dynamics that much; so I'm hoping I'm wrong.

Edit: I think I'm probably wrong, just so I can confirm, how do I tell with Tone Boosters EBU Loudness meter?

I believe it's the integrated loudness value, so you're in the right ballpark.

Originally Posted by James HE View Post
Quick poll:

How do you all have your metering display setup for the Master? and How conscious are you of hitting a target level when mixing?

I have a RMS display offset of -14. If I see too much red on the RMS meters, I try to back off. Generally I do not use any Loudness metering when mixing.
For volume I only look at my tracks, including master, during mixing, making sure I am in the right ballpark. I use sophisticated plugins only at the end.

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