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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
I'm sure many of us will use ReaVerb. I'd say just throw a portable install of reaper in a folder. Then when you export/save the project and include the IRs etc, make sure everything works by opening the project in that portable version before uploading (portable won't know anything about anything else on your system or main install settings).

Actually, just to make my life easier, I might go ahead and create a portable version and only import settings I need but not VSTs and other non-contest required settings. That way I can just mix from that version and reduce chances of something I've long forgotten over the years causing problems. Hmm...
Thanks karbo, are you sure we have to include a portable install or even a config file if it's only an IR or 2? I think we can just include it in the folder with the project file, can't we?

I've never used ReaVerberate before, but I just experimented with it and I think I can make it work for some of my reverbs. I still have one particular IR I like on the snare which is from SMMs IR library.
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