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Originally Posted by DaveKeehl View Post
It seems like -12 LUFS is too high for many of you. No problem, change that in -14 I'll editimmediately the first post with the updated instructions.
There's no reason why you should destroy all the dynamics. Fuck off loudness war
OH ha ha.. guess i'll undo my "mastering" then and resumbit.

I sent it in so I'd stop messing with it and just concentrate on my own material. A trick that was likely not going to work anyway.

I'd guess most of us would likely end up between -14 and -12 with this mix without thinking about it. Likely it depends on how the metering on the master bus is setup.

Even if I end up in the minority and other people will find their mix naturally ends up at -12 anyway, I feel like -14 is a better reference point - It's much much easier to go down that it is to go up!

Quick poll:

How do you all have your metering display setup for the Master? and How conscious are you of hitting a target level when mixing?

I have a RMS display offset of -14. If I see too much red on the RMS meters, I try to back off. Generally I do not use any Loudness metering when mixing.

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