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Originally Posted by James HE View Post
and slapping eventhorizon on it to limit it to -.05. This was not pretty.
You know, that is exactly what I happened to be doing when I was complaining earlier. I then tried ReaComp as a limiter to see if I could reel it in, it's ok right now but we'll see.

*I'm back on the family farm for now. The studio is the metal barn I basically grew up playing music in. I have impulse responses of this room that I've been using for the past 8 years or so in basically every mix. I know the sound of this place well.. but by god it's way too live for a mix room! It's basically a metal tent with a concrete floor!
haha, cool. I'm have new living room with a 25 foot ceiling. I've been too lazy to make impulses for it.
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