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Originally Posted by lolilol1975 View Post
There is also JS: Master limiter
The best limiter in the universe isn't going to change that fact that I have to alter the dynamics of the mix such that the end lacks the impact that I want.

I have a modded version of the Master Limiter that I think is really really good on some material. It doesn't fit here though.

There is a reason that on the youtube video there for the studio version that it fades out the ending...
the mixer or mastering engineer blew it

we can do better.

-12 LUFS just doesn't feel appropriate for the contest in any way.`What if next month we get a soulful and sparse song to mix? We have to inappropriately smash the %^&* out of it?

It's an arbitrary number here that limits creativity.

Having some sort of loudness target so that everyone is on basically the same playing field is great. -12 LUFS is just way to fucking hot in my opinion. -14 is a great spot - I'm likely biased there cause that's what I Master my own productions to, but anyways...

Like I said, it's a mixing, not a mastering contest.
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