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Originally Posted by James HE View Post
Not comfortable with -12 LUFUS at all with this tune.

Parts get clipped in order to achieve that and be limited to -0.5db. Not nice when the best we can really use is event horizon JS which is a really nice clipper, but.... )

I think -14 is the better target (or even -16) - especially since we are encoding to mp3.

Id just submit mine at -14 LUFS, but I wouldn't want to have an unfair advantage of having an unclipped and exciting and dynamic mix

I mean it's not a mastering contest - let's give a bit more leeway.
Heh heh, you got a mix ready yet James?

I'm getting close, but I don't know the rules about submitting, if I submit an mp3 now or soon, will I be able to improve it and post more mp3s? I have a feeling people are waiting to see what others have done before they post theirs, so I thought if I, or others, post their mixes as they go it would encourage other to do the same.

I really screwed up my first mix, I was involved with a thread about using a monitor EQ for mixing with headphones, and in the process I loaded an EQ into my monitor FX that I came up with for my ear phones. Yeap, I forgot and mixed the whole thing before I realized what I'd done.
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