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Is there a real (graphical) phase meter anywhere in JS?

My mix is going to be pretty "open" dynamically. Won't be using very much compression at all. The tracks are pretty well done although I haven't taken it into the studio yet and a few tracks sound kinda thin in my phones. Initial observations (again, listening in phones, MDR 7506's) ....

- Vocal sounds a little harsh to me. Just a bit.
- Drums need gating (kick and snare)
- Overheads are ok which makes the hat and cymbal tracks maybe optional, we'll see.
- Amp bass sounds way better than the DI bass, to me.

The only subjectively wasteful tracks space wise are the toms and cymbals. Being that the drums are obviously sampler tracks (no ambiance in the spaces that I can see like you'd get with mics) those could have been trimmed initially but it probably wouldn't have made a ton of difference in the archive size.

Mine will likely fall apart on the guitars, not my wheelhouse the pop/rock guitar thing.

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