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Originally Posted by Fergler View Post
Headcase, take some advice here and listen critically. Sure, we don't hear your mixes on your monitors or in your truck. And I'm not gonna get on an airplane just to do so. But do you seriously believe that a forum from of audio professionals don't have a similar calibre of equipment in appropriate rooms?

I found your mixes as well. They are pumping, immensely. Stacking numerous compressors with different settings doesn't fix this. If you have 1db gain reduction each on 4 plugins, the total at some point is going to be 4db of gain reduction. Sure, not necessarily for as long as if you had just one plugin with 4db gain reduction, or it could be more, it depends on your settings. But either way, you have 4db of gain reduction.
The mixes found are old as I stated and as I stated before I do appreciate all the info im being given.. my simple point of the thread was on my current master... I don't hear any pumping on the master while in reaper.. it was only till i rendered and placed it on my ipod that i heard the pumping.. i believed that there was something about the rendering process that was causing the compressors to work harder than what i was asking them to do.. i assumed it was also possible that what ASIO4all was allowing me to hear something different from the final render being played in a different medium.. my acoustic performances found on are not recorded mixed or mastered in reaper they were done in cool edit2 and the tools in cool edit 2 although useful they are primative at best... again im not trying to start a debate im merely trying to explain myself as far as the tools I am using compared to the tools i WAS using. If my original (COOLEdit 2) mixes are pumping I can't hear the waving in and out they sound at a constant volume to me except to the slight volume automations i placed at certain intervals or a rotary speaker effect on my guitar at certain sections (which in retrospect i think was a bad artistic decision) but none the less i will be loading my mix, pumping master and current master although Ive converted to
mp3 which may alter things as well i cant say for sure..
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