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Originally Posted by whiteaxxxe View Post
you kids is 57. making music since 1969. so dont tell me ...

your mixes pump. and your new mixes do pump as hell, I am sure. and you dont understand the term volume. volume comes from the amplifier, not from the mix. and your "warmth" is sending everything through saturation and then turn down the highend because saturation sucks.

ok, do what you like. if you think that is the way to go ...
THE KID thing was a joke.. get a sense of humor.. and yes i admitted that what you heard is all older and not very good.. i will post my new mixes and my new masters and you are welcome to provide your feedback.. I encourage it.. you have your sound and i have mine.. mine may not be the norm and yours might be outdated.. but we'll agree to disagree... I didn't come here to debate you i simply came here to get help with my problem and i got it.. without you criticism of my fx chain... but thank you...
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