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Originally Posted by headcase915 View Post
all that is old and not done in reaper... and you're right those mixes are catastrophic.. and not any good.. but again not done in reaper.. they were done the hard way with actually hard shell tech.. not the digital vsts you kids today use hahahahaha but yeah i could go back and fix hem now but i would rather put up new ones and show the development and value ive grown into... but also not all of them are terrible.. they show progression... but mine do have warmth and color and definietly volume... if you think your work is the best it could possibly be then you too are missing something
you kids is 57. making music since 1969. so dont tell me ...

your mixes pump. and your new mixes do pump as hell, I am sure. and you dont understand the term volume. volume comes from the amplifier, not from the mix. and your "warmth" is sending everything through saturation and then turn down the highend because saturation sucks.

ok, do what you like. if you think that is the way to go ...
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