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Originally Posted by whiteaxxxe View Post
found you on reverbnation.

what I thought, its pumping all over the place. what you consider to be volume is a complete lack of dynamics. all your mixes pump like hell and not in a controlled way. the dynamic range even if its one acoustic guitar is at best 6db. its your chain that cuases these problems. your mixes arent any good,l and the mastering is catastrophic. my opinion and the solution to your problem: turn everything down. it pumps like top40 am radio. and this is not a good thing. if you want volume: turn up the volume on your amplifier but dont make your mastering louder. leave that to Skrillex or Red Hot Chili Peppers.
all that is old and not done in reaper... and you're right those mixes are catastrophic.. and not any good.. but again not done in reaper.. they were done the hard way with actually hard shell tech.. not the digital vsts you kids today use hahahahaha but yeah i could go back and fix hem now but i would rather put up new ones and show the development and value ive grown into... but also not all of them are terrible.. they show progression... but mine do have warmth and color and definietly volume... if you think your work is the best it could possibly be then you too are missing something
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